• Members of Concord's second draft contingent in World War I get a warm sendoff on Sept. 20, 1917

The Concord Clock Tower
The E. Howard Co. of Boston built the clock, and its steel bell was cast in Sheffield, England. It weighed a ton. On July 26, 1873, the clock was installed at the top of the four-story Board of Trade building at the northeastern corner of School and North Main Streets. Its bell first tolled in 1874, recording the hours and serving as a landmark of downtown Concord. More

The Famous Concord Coach
The classic stagecoach constructed by the Abbot-Downing Co. made Concord famous throughout the world. Abbot-Downing was unable to turn the stagecoach into the horseless carriage, and the company folded early in the 20th century. Now, as part of a downtown revitalization plan, a developer has proposed returning a few coaches to the streets of Concord. More

John Winant
John Gilbert Winant served three terms as New Hampshire’s governor and was one of Concord’s most beloved politicians, the first head of the federal Social Security System and an unsung hero of World War II. A 2012 law launched a study to establish a permanent Winant memorial within the State House complex in downtown Concord. More

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